Today I Do                       Today is the first day of the rest of your life, what are you going to do?  


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Find just a tiny little kernel of that grateful feeling, you will be amazed at the fact of everything (and I really do be everything) is a True Blessing ... Today I Do ... Come on over to my blog and let me tell you about it.

Today is the first day of the rest of (Y)our life what are we going to do?  I can not control WE - so I will do what I am able to do.  So Today I Do ... is born.

I have added a blog and eventually will add more (as I hope you add also ;-) to this site - because together as more of us Today I Do - and actually DO (-: good :-) life (our world) becomes WOW-N-DER-FULL ... great greetings!

I love the Internet and the world it opens at the click of a mouse, the tap of a finger, a sip of a drink, or a crumb of a cake .... err .... Sorry - Alice popping in again. :-)  
A few years ago some one very dear to me asked "If you could have any thing in the world, what would you want" ... my answer ... Time.

With enough Time - any thing (any thing at all) can be done.  I've been given that gift.  As have you.  What are you doing with your gift?


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